Amazing! Marvel Action Figures Are Alive In Fantastic Images By Photographers

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Amazing! Marvel Action Figures Are Alive In Fantastic Images By Photographers

Photographers and fans of marvel action figures. The result? Amazing pictures. They create a universe where the figures, not only fight between them, also have some fun in incredible situations. Most of the compositions are unique, with fantastic effects and enough humor.

You can see the final battle between Captain America and Iron Man from the movie Civil War. Or also a kiss between Spiderman and the Black Cat. These images revive great scenes of the films and comics, and also there are totally original compositions.

1# Deadpool

This great picture was made with THIS FIGUREIt has wonderful effects, like smoke and sparks on the floor while Deadpool runs.


2# Spiderman:

Spidey pulling the big soda with his web. It’s amazing to think how this photo could have been made. You can see more pics of this incredible item HERE


3# Captain America vs Iron Man:

The final scene of the movie Captain America: Civil War. This is one of our favorites by far. We also use it in the design of the page. If you want to see more of these figures, you can see it HERE (Captain America) and HERE (Iron Man)


4# Hulk:

There is no one better to destroy things than Hulk. And this time even the giant sodas are not saved. If you want to know more about this figure or you want to have this figure. You can check this Hulk Figure HERE


5# Spiderman and The Black Cat:

At the moment, this scene does not appear in any movie. But fans of the comics can recognize it. Spider Man and The Black Cat. You want your own Spidey to recreate this scene or others? This picture was made with THIS FIGURE

Spider man black cat marvel legends select comics Marvel action figures figure

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